Wisconsin Laborer's District Council
Employer Partners

Employer Partners

Wisconsin Laborers are committed to providing the most skilled, most productive and safest workforce possible.

We partner with our employers to develop not only great training in skill improvement and safety, but also family supporting wage and benefit packages that sustain the industry with skilled workers season after construction season.

Wisconsin Laborers know our employer partners are some of the most responsible contractors in the state and we want to keep them in business. 

If you are looking to grow your construction operation, look to a partner who cares as much about your business as the people who work for you -- Look to the Wisconsin Laborers.

To learn more about how you can become an employer partner, contact the Wisconsin Laborers' District Council at 1-800-782-4634.


Need More Information?
To learn more about the Wisconsin Laborers' District Council, our employer partners or the benefits of the union construction industry, please email or call the Wisconsin Laborers' District Council at 1-800-782-4634.