Wisconsin Laborer's District Council
Labor-Management Trustees

Labor-Management Trustees

Wisconsin Laborers'
Apprenticeship and Training
Fund Trustees

John Schmitt, Chair
Wisconsin Laborers' District Council

David Bechthold
Zenith Tech, Inc.

Brian Dehnhoff
Local #268

Tim Peterson
James Peterson Sons, Inc.

Tony Neira
Local #113

Robert Barker
AGC of Wisconsin

Clark Jensen
Local #140

Jeff Hillebrandt
InterCon Construction, Inc.

Tony Marcelle
Local #330

Eric Grundman
Michels Pipeline Construction

Jim Foye
Local #464

John Topp

Allied Construction Employers Association, Inc.

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For more information on Laborers' Apprenticeship and Training, please contact the Wisconsin Laborers' Apprenticeship and Training Center at 608-846-5764, or toll free at 800-275-6939.