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Prevail Software

Prevail Software

*** New Service Available***
All trades associated with Prevail are providing contractors with an opportunity to have their survey reviewed, edited and corrected
before submission to DWD.
Upon completion of your survey
Prior to sending your survey to DWD
Simply email your survey to:


See Prevail Manual for more details.

Prevailing Wage Rate Survey Software

is a Windows based software program developed by the Wisconsin Laborers’ Union to make it easy for our employer partners to participate in the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) annual Prevailing Wage Rate Survey.

Prevail increases efficiency and improves the accuracy of contractor reporting by automatically recording contract wage rate information for Laborers, Operating Engineers, Ironworkers, Bricklayers, Teamsters, Pipe Trades and Carpenters. No more thumbing through contracts to compare classification codes to wage rates. Prevail does it all for you, including calculating allowable fringe benefit rates.

Installation and Use
Prevail is simple and easy to use. Just follow the steps in the Prevail manual to install and use the program.

Questions and Technical support:
If you have any questions about
or require technical support,
Diane Newby
Wisconsin LECET